July 24, 2014

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July 24, 2014


Photos of the day - July 24, 2014

A forensic team recovers human remains at the wreckage scene of crashed TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 on the outlying island of Penghu, Taiwan, Vincenzo Nibali of Italy pushes away a spectator as he cycles to win the 18th stage of the Tour de France and a Palestinian boy cries after watching his wounded relatives being rushed to emergency rooms at the Nasser hospital following an Israeli air strike are some of the photos of the day. (AP/EPA/Reuters)

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July 23, 2014

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July 22, 2014

Wonderfully Bizarre Character Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits


Wonderfully Bizarre Character Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits

July 18, 2014

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July 16, 2014


Bright Idea

July 13, 2014


Day 5: Israel strikes Gaza mosque & center for the disabledGaza death toll passes 135 | July 12, 2014

1. A Palestinian boy inspects the destruction in his neighbourhood following an Israeli military strike in Gaza City. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

2. Palestinian men inspect the rubble of a destroyed mosque following an Israeli military strike in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. (Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images)

3. A Palestinian man and his sons stand at their damaged living room as they look outside at a neighbouring building which was targeted in an Israeli military strike in Gaza City. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

4. A Palestinian boy carries a damaged wheelchair as he walks amidst the debris of a rehabilitation centre, which police said was struck by an Israeli tank shell, in the northern Gaza Strip. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

5. Palestinians mourn their relative in the morgue of the Shifa hospital in Gaza City. (Khalil Hamra/AP)

6. A Palestinian boy amid the remains of a rehabilitation center for the handicapped in Beit Lahiya. (Wissam Nassar for The New York Times)

7. The body of Suha Abu Saada, 28, lies in a mosque after the Palestinian centre for people with special needs housing in Beit Lahia was targeted by an Israeli air strike. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

8. A Palestinian boy sits on the rubble of Al-Farouk mosque which was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike in Nuseirat. (Ezz Zanoon/APA)

9. Smoke rises after a cargo crossing between Israel and Gaza was shelled. (Hatem Moussa/AP)

10. Palestinian children look at the rubble of a destroyed mosque following an Israeli military strike in the Nusseirat refugee camp. (Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images)

(Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Naming the dead)

July 11, 2014


100 Views of Tokyo: Paintings by Richard Heisler

July 11, 2014

Steve GildeaPlanetary Suite, circa 1990

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July 6, 2014


Ernesto Arrisueno

Born in Peru, Ernesto Arrisueno completed a Bachelor of Architecture, after receiving numerous prizes for architectural drawing. Moving to Australia in 1989, his work blends memories of the dry barren landscape of Peru with new visions drawn from Australian life. Figures and objects are juxtaposed with beautifully rendered building fragments. Concepts from his imagination are presented with the crisp reality of symbolic realism.

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